Let’s get creative!

My name is Nicole Roberts, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in the Winchester, VA area. I graduated from Shepherd University in 2017 with a BFA in graphic design, and left with an eagerness to create as much as I can.

Through studies and exploration I have found that my passions lie in the technical side of design, specifically editorial design, print design and brand development. I thoroughly enjoy playing with type down to the last detail, deciding on the perfect color schemes, and creating crisp and clean visuals. While it is not my strong suit, I have also found joy in coding and web design, which is a skill that I am actively developing.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling to new and exciting places with my fiancé, sketching new illustrations in the nearest cafe, and connecting with fellow creators at conventions.

Let’s chat!

I’m currently available for work, feel free to reach out and let’s create something wonderful together!